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Our vision is to uplift and support our communities that are in need. Our mission is to assist those less fortunate in our communities with various parcels and essentials.

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Where it all began

Project Maaida started in my kitchen feeding 4 families in 2008. Alhamdulillah we have since then grown with the overwhelming support from our truly generous contributors to assisting over 600 families in various communities. 

I would bake for them biscuits and cakes. This was from 2008 to 2012. In 2013 during our second year of studies, we learned the importance of giving, via hadith. So I was inspired to make luxury hampers for the elderly at Beit-ul-Aman. I sought out the assistance of a few sisters and Alhamdulillah we were able to make 100 luxury hampers. Each year we grew, Alhamdulillah. From 2015 however we started with food parcels. One of the ladies suggested to go Elite and purchase a few things and thereafter distribute it to people in need. I made intention to do better the next year by the permission of Allah. Last year our data base grew and we were able to assist 350 families and Alhamdulillah. This year, 2020, we are assisting up to 600 families.

Initially we focused on the elderly in our community. It was our hope to bring a smile to the faces of the aged in our communities, who are mostly forgotten by many.

We then realized that there was a need for food parcels, but we specifically focused on the day of Eid.

The food parcels are aimed at making the day of Eid a joyous and happy occasion for everyone. Normally on the day of Eid we have so many luxuries to enjoy Alhamdulillah, but what about the less fortunate in our communities?

In 2019 the project name was born. A sister in Johannesburg was assisting us with a poster and said “The Maaida Project” and it is from this inspiration as well as the Surah in the Quran that the name was chosen, Alhamdulillah .

So it is with this motivation that we endeavor to provide a table laden with treats for the less fortunate in our communities for themselves and their families to enjoy Insha-Allah Ameen.


We are currently trying to assist some of the people on our database during this most difficult time. Families are experiencing much difficulty due to most people not being able to work and hence not being able to earn.

Our recipients are from various communities in Cape Town. We would like to thank everyone who has been assisting with our project over the past few years Alhamdulillah .



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